Interviewed and shot up to 15 passengers per country for the Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and Indonesia market., and eventually produced 15 different travel stories. 


Each story tells the passenger's personal travel experience and why travelling is important for them. The video above is a sample of a 30s version of a story from the Indonesian market.

Itrek - inspiring leaders


Field Director | Cinematographer

Worked with Eidolon Films to create a short portrait piece of how Itrek has impacted Niruban in his professional career and personal goals to bridge 2 different culture together,


Director | Cinematographer | Editor

In collaboration with Water Solutions Network, created a short Documentary on how farmers and communities in Escondido, CA work together to combat the the drought water issue in California

one water 

Earth - with john holden

fox business network - June 2019

On-land Cinematographer 


The show focuses on Plastic Bank and SC Johnson's effort to reduce plastic waste in Bali by turning it into currency.


Daisuke mission

Quest for the world's best coffees

Indonesian team Director/Cinematographer 


A documentary telling the story of Daisuke and his mission to find the best coffees in the world while partnering with farmers and who cares to reinvest back into their people, their plants and technology to deliver the best, fair trade can offer.


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