Riani has experience working in various genres such as Documentary, Drama, Comedy, Experimental in Digital Cinema Cameras, Virtual Reality Cameras and TV Live Broadcast.

One Pamilya | Short Documentary |  Canon C300 mark ii
One Water | Short Documentary |  Canon C300 mark ii, Sony a7s mark ii
Whispers of God | Narrative Drama |  Sony F65 - Cooke minis4/i
A Day unto Nothing | Narrative Drama |  Red Helium Weapon - Zeiss Standards Speeds
Quarter Life Crisis | TV Pilot - Mockumentary |  Sony F5, Sony FS7, Cooke Zoom
Sunyi (Silence) | Documentary | Canon C300 mk ii, Sony a7s ii
She Who Questions | Documentary | Canon C300 mk ii
Tigerstyle | Documentary | Canon C300 mk ii
All There is | Comedy | Sony F5 -Zeiss Ultra Primes
Fire Drill | Comedy | Sony F5 -Zeiss Compact Primes
Today's Scrambled Creatures | Drama | Sony F5 -Zeiss Compact Primes

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